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Mark S. LeClair                       
              Professor of Economics, Lynch Chair of Economics
              Director, Masters in Public Administration program

            Blog on Nonprofits (here)

          Contact Information:
          Address:   Department of Economics, Fairfield University, 1073 N. Benson Rd., Fairfield, CT  06824, USA
              Phone:      (203) 254-4000 X2295

          Recent Economic Data

                   GDP Growth:                           2.1% (3rd Quarter 2015, annualized rate)
            Federal Funds Rate (Target):    0.25%                                            
            U.S. Budget Deficit:                $483 Billion (2014)
            Unemployment Rate:                5.0% (October 2015)
            Inflation Rate:                           0.2%  (October 2015)

  Growth in Real Gross Domestic Product (U.S.) - Bureau of Economic Analysis

          Quarter-to-Quarter Growth in Real GDP                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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Practice Exams
Review Materials

EC 11
EC 11
Principles of Microeconomics
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Summer 2015 - Assignment #1
Practice MT 2
Class notes

EC 12
EC 12
Principles of Macroeconomics
Excel Assignment 1
Excel Assignment 2
Excel Assignment 3
Excel Assignment 4
Excel Assignment 5
Practice Quiz

Class Notes (1st 2/3 of course)

EC 231
EC 231
International Trade
HW 1

EC 233
EC 233
International Finance

Practice Final Exam

EC 185
EC 185
Regional Economic Development

Practice Exam

EC 278
EC 278

MPA 430
MPA 430
Economics of the Nonprofit Sector

Assignment 1
In-class Assign 1
Case Study
In-Class Assign 2
In-Class Assign 3

Lecture Notes (6/1-6/8)
Lecture Notes (6/1-6/11)
Lecture Notes (6/15/11)
Lecture Notes (6/17)
Spring 2016 Final Exam Schedule:

EC 12 (MTh 9:30):            Tuesday, 5/10 @8:00
EC 231 (MWTh 12:30)      Saturday, 5/7 @8:00
EC 185 (MWTh 2:00)        Wednesday, 5/11 @11:30
EC 12 (Wednesday Eve)    Wednesday, 5/11 @6:30

Excel Assignment Sheet - Spring 2016: Excels

Lab Assistant Hours (DMH 241):

Sunday:            5-9
Monday:           6-10
Tuesday:           4-8
Wednesday:     6-10
Thursday:        4-8

You should make sure you are prepared when asking for assistance. If you have a partially completed assignment, please email it to yourself,
or bring it on a zip drive.

Further Reading:

Economic Debates:   Real Clear Politics ( - A complete source of political debates from Center/Left/Right perspectives
ata and Economic Analysis - Carpe Diem: - A compilation of data and economic analysis from a libertarian perspective

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      Useful Links: 
             Link to: Fairfield University
                 Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS
                                   Federal Reserve System FED
                                   Council of Economic Advisors (Economic Report of the President)EROP
                                   IMF IMF

                                           Real Clear Politics  RCP
                                   St. Louis Federal Reserve Data Series (FRED)



(Link to my CV)

    Recent Publications:

    Philanthropy in Transition:  Palgrave, October 2014 (flyer)

    Redefining the Food Desert:  Combining GIS with Direct Observation to Measure Food Access, Agriculture and Human Values, Vol. 31, 537-47, 2014.

    Intelligence and Bribing Behavior in a One-Shot Game, with F. William Vasquez and Mark LeClair. The Journal of Socio-Economics 44, 9196, 2013.

   Exigency and Innovation in Collusion, Journal of Competition Law and Economics, Vol. 8, 399-415, 2012

    Cartelization, Antitrust and Globalization in the US and Europe, Routledge, July 2011 (Description)        

    Commodity Markets:

      International Commodity Markets and the Role of Cartels, New York, M.E. Sharpe, 2000

    Fair Trade:

        "Fighting the Tide:  Alternative Trade Organizations in the Era of Global Free Trade", World Development, 30(6), 2002,

        "Fighting Back:  The Growth of Alternative Trade", Development, 46(1), 2003, pp. 66-73.

        Reply to Hayes comment on "Fighting the Tide:  Alternative Trade Organizations in the Era of Global Free Trade, World Development 30(6), 2002, pp. 2962-65.

    Corporate Philanthropy:

       with Kelly Gordon, "Corporate Support for Artistic and Cultural Activities:  What Determines the Distribution of Corporate
        Giving", Journal of Cultural Economics, 24(3), 2000, pp. 225-41.

    International Trade:

       Regional Integration and Global Free Trade:  Addressing the Fundamental Conflicts, Aldershot, England, Ashgate
        Publishing, 1997.

        "Export Composition and Manufacturing Employment in the U.S. during the Economic Downturn of 1991-2", Economic Systems Research, 14(2),
        2002, pp.147-56.

           with Dina Franceschi, "Externalities in International Trade:  The Case for Differential Tariffs", Ecological Economics, 58, 2006, pp. 462-72.

      "Currency Regimes and Currency Crises:  What about Cocoa Money?", Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money,
         17, 2007, pp. 42-57.


        "Reducing Gasoline Price Variability:  A Modest Proposal", The Energy Journal, 27(2), 2006, pp. 41-54.

       Book Reviews:

              Review of  Fair Trade for All:  How Trade Can Promote Development, by Stiglitz, Joseph and Charlton, Andrew, New York, Oxford University Press, 2006.
              Published in Eastern Economic Journal, 33(4), Fall 2007.

             Review of Banking on Global Markets, by Kobrak, Christopher, Cambridge & New York, Cambridge University Press, 2008,
             Published in Eastern Economic Journal (2009), vol. 35, issue 4, pages 548-549

      Research in Progress: <>           
            -Food Accessibility Issues
            -Philanthropic Transitions in the U.S.
            -The Euro and Trade Patterns in the EU

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