Faculty Welfare Committee/AAUP
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Fairfield University

A Brief Overview of the Faculty Welfare Committee/AAUP at Fairfield University

For nearly 100 years, the American Association of University Professors has worked to advance academic freedom and shared governance, to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and to ensure higher education's contribution to the common good.  The Faculty Welfare Committee/AAUP is a local chapter of the AAUP and for over 20 years, has worked at the local level to promote these same principles.

The FWC/AAUP supports our faculty governance structure and standing committees, following the policies and recommended practices of the national AAUP. The resources provided by our dues-paying members and our connections to national AAUP and the Connecticut State Conference/AAUP have  allowed us to secure professional help when needed. FWC/AAUP resources have enabled us to consult a labor attorney when confronted with proposed changes to our contract. We have resources that have allowed us to continue to consult our attorney regarding proposed changes to our contract and benefits. We have contacted experts at national AAUP for advice on proposed changes to our Faculty Handbook, for presentations on the advisability of merit pay, and for an in-depth analysis of our institution's finances. Chapter members have attended the AAUP's annual conference and workshops on shared governance as well as the AAUP Summer Institute, the premier event for training faculty activists.

Our strong AAUP chapter supports the work of national AAUP and the CT State Conference/AAUP as well. Chapter leaders have helped with organizing efforts at other institutions, served on national and state AAUP committees, and given workshops at regional and national meetings, including the AAUP Summer Institute.

Although, as faculty members we label ourselves as economists, theologians, writers, etc., we are all members of the academic profession. The AAUP, at the national, state and local level, has worked tirelessly to protect that profession. Your membership in the FWC/AAUP helps to protect and promotes the academic profession. The strength of any university is grounded in the strength of its faculty and the strength of the faculty is measured by its ability to articulate and defend fundamental academic principles and practices. AAUP members work to maintain and promote the sound academic principles that are at the core of our academic profession.

In recent years, the FWC/AAUP has:
  • Provided funding for consultation with labor attorneys
  • Funded and arranged for presentations by experts on merit pay and University finances
  • Sponsored Brown Bag Lunch Discussions on current topics of interest to faculty
  • Sponsored picnics and softball games
  • Funded faculty attendance at AAUP conferences and workshops
  • Sponsored receptions following faculty meetings.
Information on joining the nearly 75% of your colleagues who are FWC/AAUP members is here.
For questions or comments, contact any member of the Executive Committee.