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Secretary of the General Faculty

1.  The Faculty Handbook 11th Edition (2013)
            This edition of the HB incorporates all amendments approved through Spring, 2013.
            Be sure to check the link below for more recent amendments.

        Amendments to the Faculty Handbook approved since Spring 2013

2.   Journal of Record (Policies jointly approved by the faculty and administration.)

Meetings of the General Faculty

4.    The Academic Council

5.     Committees of the General Faculty

6.    Research Committee Applications and Deadlines

Journal of Record Policy on Institutional Support for Leaves for Extraordinary Faculty Research
Journal of Record Policy on Release Time for Extraordinary Faculty Research
7.   Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

8.    Important Documents from the Faculty Salary Committee

Salary Data for 2018-2019 Contracts                   2018-2019 Benefits Plan Overview
 FY2018-2020 Memo of Understanding              2017-2018 Benefits Plan Overview
Salary Data 2016-2017
The 2015-2016 Memo of Understanding           
2015-2016 Benefits Plan Overview
The 2014-2015 Memo of Understanding           
2014-2015 Benefits Plan Overview
The 2013-2014 Memo of Understanding           
2013-2014 Benefits Plan Overview
Previous contracts
9.   The 2017-2018 Directory of the General Faculty
The Directory is password-protected and accessible only to members of the General Faculty.
You will need your netID username and password.
10.   College and School Governance Documents 

11.   Recent communications from the Secretary of the General Faculty

12.    Archived Documents

13.   Positions of the General Faculty

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