This epitaph was inscribed on a plaque beneath a statue of Marius in the Forum of Augustus:


Gaius Marius, son of Gaius, consul seven times, praetor, tribune of the plebs, quaestor, augur, tribune of the soldiers. He was specially appointed to wage war with Jugurtha, king of the Numidians, whom he captured and at his triumph in his second Consulship ordered to be led before his chariot. He was elected consul for the third time in his absence. In his fourth consulship he destroyed the army of the Teutones. In his fifth he routed the Cimbri, and triumphed a second time over them and the Teutones. He freed the republic, when consul a sixth time, from the rising of a tribune of the plebs and a praetor, who had taken up arms and had seized the Capitol. When over seventy, he was expelled from his fatherland in civil war and restored by arms, and became consul a seventh time. From his war-spoils taken from the Cimbri and Teutones he built, as the victor, a temple to Honour and Valour. In triumphal garb and patrician boots he entered the Senate.


source: (11/23/04)