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Shakespeare II

Dr. Richard Regan

Spring 2003

Office hours: Mon 1:30-3, Wed 1-4, Thurs 1:30-3, and by appointment.

Texts: Signet Classic editions of the plays listed below.

Grading: modified contract system. Three tests and an optional paper, each of equal weight in the final grade.

Attendance: for every two cuts, a point will be deducted from your semester average. Excused absences by written note from a Dean's office, Student Services/Health Center, or your faculty advisor. Excessive absences may result in a failing grade.

Required: 1) two tests based closely on the texts of the plays; 2) weekly summaries/responses to critical articles or WWW sites. These are graded as quizzes and can raise or lower the final grade.

Modified contract: an 8-10 page paper to be eligible for a grade of A or A-. Papers may be rewritten after a conference. Topics must be in writing and approved in conference.

Final Exam: essays and passages for analysis.

Students with documented learning disabilities, please see me. Alternative methods of testing and evaluation are available.

Campus Cable Listings of the BBC productions shown on Channel 104

Theater related websites

Shakespeare and the Globe

Virtual Pictures of the Globe

Shakespeare's Globe Center USA

"The Elizabethan Theatre": a lecture with slides

FESTE: Royal Shakespeare Archives

The McGill Shakespeare Resources Page

Shakespeare in Performance Institute Acting Exercises

Interactive Shakespeare Project

Shakespeare at Hampton Court

Internet MetaSites for Shakespeare

Terry Gray's Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet


Early Modern Literary Studies

Was Shakespeare Shakespeare? The Authorship Controversy

The Shakespeare Discussion list Archive

Shaksper Website

The Shakespeare Classroom



Week of:

January 13 - Introduction to Comic Theory

Read the Works of Shakespeare at MIT

RhymeZone Shakespeare Search Engine

The Internet Shakespeare Editions

January 20 - As You Like It

Read: the play and the Signet Introduction, and the articles by Gardner, Erickson, and Howard

"Instruction Versus Deception: from Rosalynde to As You Like It"

"Orlando and the Golden World: the Old World and the New in AYLI"

Scanning Shakespeare's Lines

The Works of the Bard: a search engine

January 27 - Twelfth Night

Read: the play and the Signet Introduction, and the articles by Bamber, Kimbrough, and Howard

An Essay on Twelfth Night (click on title)

A Film Website

"Trevor Nunn's Twelfth Night": Contemporary Film and Classic British Theatre"

"The BBC Twelfth Night: Relationships Revealed"

"...the Nature of Shakespearian Comedy"

February 3 - Sonnets

Read: the poems and the Signet Introduction, and the articles by Empson, Smith, and Nowottny

A Guide to the Sonnet

"The amazing web site of Shakespeare's Sonnets"

Shakespeare's Sonnets (1609): A Guide to Electronic Texts

Was Shakespeare Shakespeare? The Authorship Controversy

February 10 - Julius Caesar

Read: the play and articles by Mack and Kahn


"Caesar"s Reviving Blood: Shakespeare and the Religion of Revolution"

Director's Insight

William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (from Perseus at Tufts)

"An English Renaissance Understanding of the Word 'Tragedy'"

"Shakespeare and the Tragic Virtue"


February 17 - Hamlet

Read: the play and the Signet Introduction

A Short Course on Shakespeare's Hamlet

Hamlet on the Ramparts

"A Romance of Electronic Scholarship"

"On Seeing Madame Bernhardt's Hamlet"

Febuary 24 - Hamlet

Read: articles by Mack, Ornstein, and Heilbrun

"The Sublime or the Ridiculous": Hamlet in Amerucan Culture"

"Multiplicity of Meaning in the Last Moments of Hamlet"

"'Too Much in the Black Sun': Hamlet's First Soliloquy, A Kristevan View"

Enfolded Hamlet

March 3 - Othello

Read: the play and the Signet Introduction, and the articles by Mack and Sprengnether

"'That Which Heaven Hath Forbid the Ottomites':The Turks in Shakespeare's Othello"

Patrick Stewart's Othello

Shakespeare on Screen: Threshold Aesthetics in Oliver Parker's Othello

(access to video clips)

Women in Shakespeare


March 18 - Measure for Measure

Read: the play and the Signet Introduction, and the article by Poulsen

Essays from the Holy Cross site on Measure for Measure

"Desperate Measures: Politics and the Process of Performance"

"Vincentio's Fraud: Boundary and Chaos, Abstinence and Orgy in Measure for Measure" (click on title)

"The Role of the Clown in Shakespeare's Theatre"


March 24 - King Lear

Read: the play and the Signet Introduction, and the articles by Mack, Bamber, and Brown

"Two Lears for TV"

"King Lear in its Own Time: The Difference That Death Makes"

Joyce Carol Oates, "Is This the Promised End..."

"'Faires and Gods': A Socio-Religious Context for King Lear"

March 31 - King Lear

BBC Site on Ian Holm's Lear

"King Lear Beyond Reason: Love and Justice in the Family"

Furness Shakespeare Library

A Hypertext Version of King Lear

King Lear with Quarto and Folio Variations, Annotations, and Commentary

(see two articles on tragedy)


April 7 - Antony and Cleopatra

Read: the play and the Signet Introduction, and the articles by Danby, Adelman, and Novy

"The Tragedy of Imagination: Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra"

"Roman Letters and Egyptian Performatives"

A Review of Janet Adelman's "Suffocating Mothers"

April 14 - Macbeth (tentative - we may omit Macbeth because of the unusual calendar)

Read: the play and Signet Introduction, and the articles by McCarthy and Klein

"To Strut and Fret Upon the Stage: Theatrical Interpretation of Sources for Macbeth"

"The Inversion of Gender Roles in Macbeth"

April 21 - The Winter's Tale

Read: the play and the Signet Introduction, and the articles by Knight, Neely, and Kahn

"Poetry vs. Plot in The Winter's Tale"

"Teaching the Late Plays as Family Romance"

April 28 - The Tempest

Read: the play and the Signet Introduction, and the articles by Knox, Leininger, and Greenblatt

An Essay on The Tempest (click on title)

"Natural and Colonial Education in Shakespeare's The Tempest"

"Dating The Tempest"

FINAL EXAM: Tuesday, May 6, 9:00 am

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