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What is Orienteering?

It's Recreation
Walking an orienteering course can be a lot like going for a hike, but with a twist. With map and compass in hand, find your way to each of the checkpoints on the orienteering course. You can stay on trails or short-cut through the woods. We supply the map and course, but you decide how to get to each of the checkpoints. On your way, explore off the beaten path--find remnants of old cellar holes, new fishing spots, and areas of the parks you've never seen.

It's also a Sport
Orienteering is also a competitive sport. Those who take a competitive approach go around the course as quickly as they can. Since you must decide on your route while running or walking fast, it's a challenging sport that requires using your head as well as your legs. Whether you walk or run, it's a way of keeping fit while having fun.

It's for People of All Ages
Orienteering is an activity you can still do as you get older. And it's for youngsters too, with their families, in groups or on their own.

How to Get Started

During the spring and fall, WCOC holds frequent orienteering meets. Each meet has courses for beginners through experts, non-competitive and competitive. Instruction is
always available. We encourage you to join us for one or more meets in the upcoming season.

How the Meets Work

Start times
Unless indicated otherwise, participants can register and start any time between 10 a.m. and noon, but must finish by 2 p.m.

Regular local meet fees are $5 for WCOC members, $7 for non-members. $3 additional per person for family members.

All events are open to the general public
No experience is necessary--each meet has courses for all ages and levels of experience. We offer instruction for beginners at all meets.