Dr. Martha S. LoMonaco, PhD.

Professor of Visual and Performing Arts
Resident Director, Theatre Fairfield

Fairfield University
Department of Visual and Performing Arts
North Benson  Road
Fairfield, CT  06430-5195
1-203-254-4000, ext. 2435



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Current research
  • American History as Tourist Performance, a book-length study of the hundreds of performances offered throughout the U.S. that celebrate historical events and personalities.
  • Examining the Sixties: History, Art, and Legacy, a textbook being developed with Prof. David McFadden.
  • A major article on the promptbook for the original production of Arthur Millerís groundbreaking play, Death of A Salesman, which I currently have in my possession on an extended loan by the owner.
Author's query
  • Have you been part of an American historical pageant or play at a tourist destination, or participated in a battle reenactment, done for the benefit of an audience? If so, I would like to talk to you as part of my research for American History as Tourist Performance. Please contact me at .

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