Mark Demers

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Fairfield University
Fairfield, CT 06824

Contact Information:       Bannow Science Center, Room 108
Phone: (203) 254-4000 x2252

Teaching Information:     Applied Calculus I, MA 119 Section A, Fall 2015.
Applied Calculus I, MA 119 Section B, Fall 2015.
Applied Mathematics, MA 331, Fall 2015.
Real Analysis, MA 471, Fall 2015.

Research Interests:           Dynamical systems, ergodic theory, statistical properties of hyperbolic systems, escape rates and conditionally invariant measures.
Thesis title: Markov Extensions and Natural Conditionally Invariant Measures for Dynamical Systems with Holes.
Thesis Advisor: Lai-Sang Young

Grants:                               My research is currently supported by a 3-year research grant from the National Science Foundation, DMS 1362420.

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