Lawrence Kraig Steffen

Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Office:  (203) 254 4000 ext. 2254
Fairfield Univeristy
Fax:    (203) 254 4034
Fairfield CT,  06430
Cell:   (203) 258 1510


Ph.D.    Chemistry, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.    1989
    Thesis: Stabilization of Electron Deficient Sulfur by Neighboring Sulfur and Oxygen Substituents.
    Advisor: Richard S. Glass
B. S.    Chemistry, Houghton College, Houghton, New York    1983


Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry                                  2009-Present
Coordinator, Fairfield University Core Science                                        2003-Present
Program Co-Chair NERM-ACS 2005                                                       2005
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Fairfield University                            1998-Present
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Fairfield University                             1993-1998
Dreyfus Postdoctoral Fellow, Trinity University
Advisor: B. F. Plummer                                                                             1991-1993
Postdoctoral Fellow, Indiana University Advisor: J. J. Gajewski             1990 -1991
Research Assistant, University of Arizona                                                1987-1989
Guest Scientist, Hahn-Meitner Institute, Berlin FRG                                1987
Teaching Assistant, University of Arizona                                                1984-1987
Chemist I, National Institute for Petroleum and Energy Research,           1983-1984
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Summer Student Chemist, Wilson Greatbatch Inc., Buffalo, New York   1982
Summer Student Chemist, Phillips Petroleum Co., Bartlesville OK         1981

Honors, Awards, and Grants

Elected SENCER Leadership Fellow                                                         2009
NSF CCLI – Coupled Science Core Courses                                             2008
Pfizer/CBIA Summer Fellowship with Andrea Della-Pella                       2007
Pfizer Summer Fellowship with Jenna Koliani                                           2006
SENCER SSI grant    Core Science at Fairfield                                          2003
NSF/CCLI A&I    High Field NMR                                                            1999
PRF/ACS Supp. Faculty Grant (w. V. Rotello, U Mass Amh.)                   1996
Pfizer Summer Fellowship with Michael Gill                                             1995
Pfizer Summer Fellowship with Maria Paolillo                                          1994
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Supplemental Grant                                        1993-1994
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Postdoctoral Fellow                                        1991-1992
Invited Participant, NATO-ASI: Reactive Sulfur Intermediates in             1989
Biology and Chemistry, Maratea, Italy
Outstanding Presentation, 65th Annual Meeting, SWARM-AAAS            1989
Las Cruces New Mexico
Department of Chemistry Graduate Fellowship                                          1985, 1987
Outstanding Teaching Award, University of Arizona                                  1984

Professional Memberships

American Chemical Society                                                                         1985 - Present
Western Connecticut Section  (Chair, Treasurer, Councilor - multiple years)
ACS Division of Organic Chemistry,
Sigma Xi                                                                                                       1992 - Present

Research Publications

1.    Fry, A. J.; Steffen, L. K. “On the Nature of tetraalkylammonium ions in common electrochemical solvents: General an specific solvation – Quantitative aspects.” J. Electroanalytical Chemistry, 638, 218-224, (2010)
2.    Xin Wu, Anthony P. Davis, Peter C. Lambert, L. Kraig Steffen, Ozan Toy, Albert J. Fry, “Substituent effects on the redox properties and structure of substituted triphenylamines. An experimental and computational study”    Tetrahedron, 65, 2408-2414, (2009).
3.    Hill, M. S,; C Stabile*, Hill, A. H.; Steffen, L. K. “Endocrine disrupters cause phenotypically identical developmental abnormalities in freshwater sponges.” Environmental Pollution 117: 295-300. (2002)
4.    Angelika Niemz, Alejandro Cuello, L. Kraig Steffen, Benjamin F. Plummer, Vincent M. Rotello “Electron Confinement in Structurally Constrained s-bonded p Systems. An Experimental and Density Functional Investigation” J. Am. Chem. Soc., 122, 4798 – 4802. (2000)
5.    L. Kraig Steffen, Ching Kong, Mike Papagikos"An AM1 Semi-empirical Study of Longitudinal Twisting in PAH and CPAH",Theochem, 419, 205-211. (1997)
6.    L. Kraig Steffen, Benjamin F. Plummer , Tala L. Braley, W. Greg Reese, Kathryn Zych, Gregory Van Dyke, Michael Gill. "Electron Transfer Properties of Non-Alternant, Substituted Compounds Related to Fluoranthene. Experimental Determination and Theoretical Modeling of Electrochemical Oxidation and Reduction Potentials in Non-aqueous Solution." J. Phys. Org. Chem., 10, 623-630. (1997)
7.    Plummer, B. F.; Currey, J. A.; Russell, S. J.; Steffen, L. K.; Watson, H. W.; Bourne, S. A., "The Synthesis and X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis of a Stable Norbornadienone: 17-Oxo-7,16- methano-7,16-diphenylcyclopenta[d,e]tribenzo[a,h,j]anthracene" Struct. Chem, 6, 167-173. (1995)
8.    Plummer, B.F.; Steffen, L.K., Braley, T. L.; Reese, W.G.,; Zych K.; VanDyke, G.; Tulley,B., “A Study of Geometry Effects on Heavy Atom Perturbation of the Electronic Properties of Derivatives of the Non-Alternant Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Fluoranthene and Acenaphth[1,2-k]fluoranthene” J. Am. Chem. Soc, 115, 11542-11551. (1993)
9.    Plummer, Benjamin F.; Steffen, L. Kraig; Herndon, William C. “Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with five-membered rings: modeling of experimental x-ray and neutron-diffraction structures” Structural Chemistry, 4(4), 279-85. (1993)
10.    Glass, Richard S.; Steffen, L. Kraig; Swanson, Dale D.; Wilson, George S.; de Gelder, Rene; de Graaff, Rudolf A. G.; Reedijk, Jan “Bis(trithiacyclononane)metal(II) compounds and Jahn-Teller distortions from octahedral geometry, electrochemistry, spectroscopy, and crystal structures of the copper bis(tetrafluoroborate) bis(acetonitrile) complex at 177 K and the cadmium bis(tetrafluoroborate) and copper bis(tetrafluoroborate) bis(nitromethane) complexes at 300 K” Inorganica Chimica Acta, 207(2), 241-52. (1993)
11.    Steffen, L. Kraig ; Glass, Richard S.; Sabahi, Mahmood; Wilson, George S.; Schoeneich, Christian; Mahling, Sabine; Asmus, Klaus Dieter “Hydroxyl radical induced decarboxylation of amino acids. Decarboxylation vs bond formation in radical intermediates” J. Am. Chem. Soc., 113(6), 2141-5. (1991)
12.    Aced, Ahmed; Anklam, Elke; Asmus, Klaus Dieter; Pohl, Klaus; Glass, Richard S.;    ***Steffen, L. Kraig*** ; Wilson, George S. “Anodic oxidation of 1,n-halo(alkylthio)alkanes and 1,n- chloro(alkylsulfinyl)alkanes” Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon and the Related Elements, 48(1-4), 53-62. (1990)
13.    Glass, Richard S.; Hojjatie, Massoud; Sabahi, Mahmood; Steffen, L. Kraig; Wilson, George S. “Synthesis and crystal and molecular structure of the conformationally restricted methionine analog (+-)-2-exo-amino-6-endo-(methylthio)bicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-2-endo-carboxylic acid and neighboring group participation in its anodic oxidation” J. Org. Chem. , 55(12), 3797-804. (1990)
14.    Glass, Richard S.; Andruski, Stephen W.; Broeker, Jeffrey L.; Firouzabadi, Habib; Steffen, L. Kraig; Wilson, George S. “Sulfur-sulfur lone pair and sulfur-naphthalene interactions in naphtho[1,8-b,c]-1,5-dithiocin” J. Am. Chem. Soc., 111(11), 4036-45. (1989)

Chemical Education Publications

1.    Janet E. Nelson, Stewart A. Williamson, L. Kraig Steffen, "Using Molecular Modeling to Enhance Visualization in the Organic Chemistry Classroom" Chemical Educator, 1, 6, S 1430- 4171 (97)06074-3. Available at URL: htt p://journa /chedr, (1996)
2.    Steffen, L. K.; Gill, M.; Gundersen, J, "Creating Simple, Low Cost, Animations for Organic Chemistry Instruction" Chemical Educator, 1, 5 S 1430-4171 (96) 05058-3. Available at URL: (1996)
3.    Steffen, L. Kraig; Yarrington, Jo; Berton, Marissa; Sinatra, Mike “Depicting chemistry in a big way: A joint chemistry club, art club mural project” Chemical Educator [Electronic Publication] (1996), 1(4)
4.    Steffen, L. Kraig, “Teaching Chemistry with ChemOffice,” Cambridge Soft Catalyst, 3, 10-11. (1995)
Steffen, L. K.; Holt, P.L., “Computer Modeling of Chemical Kinetics in the Undergraduate Curriculum”, J. Chem. Ed. 1993, 70, 991-993.

Other Publications/Presentations/Workshops

1.    Organized a two day Regional SENCER Workshop at Fairfield University,  “Science Learning in Action” May 2011.  
2.    Steffen, L. K.; Nantz K. “Creating Spaces for Science Learning – The Resource Center for Core Science”  XIII Congreso/Meeting ISJACHEM/JINSEA June 28 de junio – July 1 de julio 2011, Universidad Pontificia Comillas – Madrid, España Spain
3.    Steffen, L. K. “Ten Years of Teaching CH85: Chemistry, Energy, and the Environment”  XIII Congreso/Meeting ISJACHEM/JINSEA June 28 de junio – July 1 de julio 2011
Universidad Pontificia Comillas – Madrid, España / Spain
4.    Steffen, L. K.; Rakowitz, S; Snyder T. L.; “SENCER and the Science Core at Fairfield University”, SENCER E-Newsletter, 4(5), 5-6    (2005)
5.    Steffen, L. K.; Biardi, J.; Nantz, K.; Miners, L. “Coupled Science Core Courses: Creating An Integrated Learning Environment for Non-Majors.” ACS-Northeast Regional Meeting Hartford CT, October 2009.
6.    Steffen,
“The Natural
Fairfield University”


Steffen, L. K., Nantz, K. “Spaces for Science: Creating Learning Environments for Science” 3rd Annual SENCER New England Regional Symposium. SCSU, New Haven CT, Jan. 2008
7.    Steffen, L. K. “Science

8.    Fairfield


9.    L. K. Steffen “Delivering Carbon – Teaching Organic as a mix of Old and New” NERM 2005, 33rd Northeast Regional
10.    Meeting of the American Chemical Society, July 14-15 2005, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield CT
11.    Steffen, L. Kraig    “Chemistry, Energy and the Environment – Honors Core” NERM 2005, 33rd Northeast Regional                     Meeting of the American Chemical Society, July 14-15 2005, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield CT
12.    Steffen, L. K.; Rakowitz, S.; Snyder, T. L. “The Fairfield University SENCER Experience: Bringing Science to All at Fairfield University” Paper presented to the SENCER Summer Institute: Santa Clara University, Santa Clara California, on August 10, 2004
13.    Lawrence K. Steffen, Science as a Way of Knowing: Bringing Science to All at Fairfield University, Paper presented at the SENCER Regional Symposium, Wagner College, Staten Island NY, NY on June 3, 2004
14.    Steffen, L. K. J. Michael Mcbride, M. Kunitake, J. Swift, “Direct Observation by AFM of Asymmetric Dissolution From the 001 Crystal Face of Benzoin” New England Regional ACS Meeting, June 2000, Storrs CT.
15.    Steffen, L. K., “Integrating Molecular Modeling into the Undergraduate Curriculum – Getting past the Pretty Picture” New England Regional ACS Meeting, June 2000, Storrs CT. (Organized and Presided over a Symposium at this meeting on Molecular Modeling in the Classroom)
16.    Steffen, L. K., K. J. Yarrington "The Future of the Image" Society for Literature and Science National Meeting, November 1998, Gainsville Fl.
17.    Steffen, L. K. “Comparison of the COSMO, Dipole, PCM and SCI-PCM Solvation Models of Substituted Polycyclic Aromatic Cation Radicals.” L. Kraig Steffen, N. Schindler, FairfieldUniversity, Fairfield Connecticut 06430. 214th National Meeting, American Chemical Society, September 1997, Las Vegas NV.
18.    Steffen, L. K. “Electronic Communication in Substituted Cyclopentane Fused Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Generation and In-Situ ESR Investigation of CPAH Anion Radicals” 191st Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, Special Symposium in Honor of Petr Zuman. Montreal Canada, May 1997.
19.    Steffen, L. K. "Electron Transfer Properties of Substituted PAH, an Electrochemical, Fluorescence and EPR Investigation" Connecticut College, New London Connecticut. October 29th, 1996.
20.    Steffen, L. K. "Of Course They are Flat: Studying the Electronic Properties of PAH in the Laboratory" Western Connecticut State University, Danbury Connecticut. Friday, September 20th, 1996.
21.    Steffen, L. K.”Organic Electrochemistry: A Practical Tool for Studying Reactivity” Pfizer Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery Group. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Groton CT. Thursday, January 11th, 1996.
22.    Steffen, L. K. “Integrating Molecular Modeling into the Organic Classroom” 479th Meeting of the Western Connecticut ACS, Tuesday November 21st, 1995.
23.    Steffen, L. K.; Paollilo, M.P.; Plummer, B. F.; "The Use of Semiempirical Methods to Model the Redox Properties of Novel Cyclopentene Fused Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons" 210th ACS National Meeting, Chicago, Illinois 1995.