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Some Sketches of Chivalry From the Early Society

This book concerns 202 Jesuit scholars, scientists, artists, explorers and saints who impacted history during the first two and a half centuries of Jesuit history. One of the most famous scholar was Christopher Clavius, the mathematician (after whom is named The Clavius Mathematical Research Group) who urged the formation of a group to provide mutual support and inspiration for (Jesuit and lay) members to keep abreast of the latest mathematical developments.
"Let an academy be formed for the advancement of mathematics"

JESUIT FAMILY ALBUM is now available.
Published by The Clavius Mathematics Group
© 1997 Joseph F. MacDonnell, S.J.
ISBN 0-9657731-0-8 (paperback)
It contains 235 illustrations
Distributed by Joseph F. MacDonnell, S.J.
Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT 06430
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Chapter 1 (A-Be)

Acosta, José de (1540-1600) Spanish scientist
Alegre, Francis (1729-1788) Mexican historian
Almeida, Ven. Apollinaris de (1587-1638) Spanish martyr
Amiot, Joseph M. (1718-1793) French scientist
Anchieta, Bl. Joseph (1533-1597) Canarian explorer
Andrés Juan (1740-1817) Spanish historian
Angelis, Bl. Jerome De (1568-1623) Italian martyr
Aquaviva, Claudius (1543-1615) Italian Sup. General
Aquaviva, Bl. Rudolph (1550-1583) Italian martyr
Arrowsmith, St. Ed. (1585-1628) English martyr
Auger, Edmund (1530-1591) French counselor
Azevedo Bl. Ignatius (1527-1570) Portuguese martyr
Balde, Jacob (1604-1668) German Latin poet
Bartoli, Daniel (1608-1685) Italian historian
Bathe, John (? -1649) Irish martyr
Bellarmine, St. Rob. (1542-1621) Italian theologian
Berchmans, St. John (1599-1621) Belgian scholastic
Berthier, William (1704-1784) French scholar
Betagh, Thomas (1738 - 1811) Irish educator

Chapter 2 (Bo-Cam)

Bobadilla, Nicolas (1511-1590) Spanish First Seven
Bobola, Andrew (1591-1657) Polish martyr
Bolland, John von (1596-1665) Belgian historian
Borgia, St. Francis (1510-1572) Italian Sup. General
Boscovich, Roger (1711-1787) Croatian philosopher
Bouhours, Dominic (1628-1702) French scholar
Bourdaloue, Louis (1632-1704) French preacher
Brébeuf, St. John (1593-1649) French missionary
Briant, St. Alex. (1553-1581) English martyr
Brito, St. John de (1647-1693) Portuguese martyr
Broet, Paschase (1500-1562) French First Ten
Bruni, Ven. Bruno (1590-1640) Italian martyr
Brumoy, Pierre (1688-1742) French mathematician
Buonanni, Philip (1639-1725) Italian scientist
Calatayud, Peter (1689-1773) Spanish confessor
Campion, St. Edmund (1540-1581) English martyr

Chapter 3 (Can-Cos)

Canisius, St. Peter (1521-1597) Dutch educator
Carafa, Vincent (1585-1649) Italian Sup. General
Carroll, Abp. John (1736-1816) American educator
Castiglione Joseph (1688-1766) Italian artist
Caussin, Nicholas (1583-1651) French counselor
Ceva, Thomas (1648-1737) Italian geometer
Chaize, Francis la (1624-1709) French counselor
Charlevoix, Peter F. X. (1682-1761) French scholar
Claver, St. Peter (1580-1654) Spanish missionary
Clavijero, Francis (1731-1787) Mexican scholar
Clavius, Christopher (1538-1612) German geometer
Clorivière, Peter de (1735-1818) French confessor
Collins, Bl. Dominic (1567-1602) Irish martyr
Colombière, St. Claude (1641-1682) French confessor
Corby, Ralph (1598-1644) Irish martyr
Cordara, Giulio (1704-1773) Italian historian
Coster, Francis (1532-1619) French poet

Chapter 4 (Cot-Go)

Coton, Peter (1564-1626) French counselor
Cottam, Thomas (1549-1582) English martyr
Couplet, Philip (1622-1693) Belgian missionary
Criminali, S.G. Anthony (1520-1549) Italian martyr
Desbillons, Francis (1711-1789) French Latin poet
Drexel, Jeremias (1581-1638) German preacher
Eckhel, Joseph (1737-1798) Austrian numismatist
Escobar y Mendoza, Ant (1589-1669) Spanish preacher
Evans, Philip (1645-1679) English martyr
Faber, Bl. Peter (1506-1546) French First Seven
Fabri, Honoré (1607-1688) French geometer
Faille, John della (1597-1654) Belgian geometer
Garnet, Henry (1555-1606) English confessor
Garnet, St. Thomas (1574-1608) English martyr
Gavan, Bl. John (1640-1679) English martyr
George, Ven. Abraham (1563-1595) Syrian martyr
Gerard, John (1564-1606) English martyr
Goes, Bento de (1562-1607) Portuguese explorer
Gonzaga, St. Aloysius (1568-1591) Italian scholastic
Gonzalez, St. Roch (1576-1628) Spanish martyr

Chapter 5 (Gr-K)

Grodecz, St. Melchior (1584-1619) Polish martyr
Gumella, Joseph (1686-1750) Spanish biologist
Gusmao, Bartolomeu de (1685-1724) Brazilian scientist
Hardouin, John (1646-1729) French scholar
Hell, Maximilian (1720-1792) Hungarian scientist
Holland, Thomas (1600-1642) English martyr
Hossche, Sidronius de (1596-1653) Belgian Latin poet
Ireland, William (1636-1679) English martyr
Jerome, St. Francis (1642-1716) Italian preacher
Jogues, St. Isaac (1607-1646) French martyr
Jouvancy, Joseph (1643-1719) French scholar
Kareu, Francis (1731-1802) Lithuanian confessor
Kessel, Leonard (1518-1574) Belgian educator
Kibé, Peter Kasai (1587-1639) Japanese martyr
Kimura Br. Leonard (1575-1619) Japanese martyr
Kino, S. G. Eusebio (1644-1711) Austrian explorer
Kircher, Athanasius (1602-1680) German scientist
Kisai, St. James (1533-1597) Japanese martyr
Kostka, St. Stanislaus (1550-1568) Polish scholastic

Chapter 6 (L-Me)

Lacroix, Claude (1652-1714) French theologian
Lafiteau, Joseph (1681-1746) French scholar
Lamormaini, William (1570-1648) Belgian counselor
Landivar, Raphael (1731-1793) Spanish poet
Laynez, Diego (1512-1565) Spanish First Seven
Lecchi, Jean (1702-1776) Italian mathematician
Ledesma, James (1519-1575) Spanish theologian
LeMoyne, Simon (1604-1697) French explorer
Lessius, Leonard (1554-1623) Belgian theologian
Lewis, David (1617-1679) English martyr
Linyères, Claude (1658-1746) French counselor
Loyola, St. Ignatius (1490-1556) Basque Founder
Lugo, John de (1583-1660) Spanish scholar
Malagrida, Gabriel (1689-1761) Italian confessor
Maldonado, John de (1534-1583) Spanish theologian
Mancinelli, Ven. Jules (1558-1618) Italian preacher
Mariana, John (1537-1624) Spanish theologian
Marquette, Jacques (1637-1675) French explorer
Mastrilli, Marcel (1603-1637) Italian martyr
Maunoir, Bl. Julien (1606-1683) French preacher
Mendez de Loyola, Bal. (1531-1567) Turkish confessor
Ménestrier, Claude (1631-1705) French scholar
Mercurian, Everard (1514-1580) Belgian Sup. General
Mesquita, S.G. James de (1553-1614) Portuguese missionary
Messari, John Baptist (1673-1723) German martyr

Chapter 7 (Mi-Pe)

Miki, St. Paul (1564-1597) Japanese martyr
Molina, Luis de (1535-1600) Spanish theologian
Morse, Henry (1595-1645) English martyr
Mulcaille, Philip (1727-1801) Irish educator
Nadal, Jerome (1507-1580) Spanish First Ten
Neale, Leonard (1747-1817) American educator
Neumayr, Francis (1697-1765) German dramatist
Nidhard, John (1607-1681) Austrian counselor
Nieremberg, Eusebio (1595-1658) Spanish theologian
Nobili, St. Robert de (1577-1656) Italian missionary
Nobrega, Emmanuel (1517-1570) Portuguese explorer
Noyelle, Charles de (1615-1686) Belgian Sup. General
Oldcorne, Bl. Edward (1561-1606) English martyr
Ogilvie, St. John (1579-1615) Scottish martyr
Oliva, John Paul (1600-1681) Italian Sup. General
Owen, St. Nicholas (?-1606) English martyr
Pacheco, Bl. Francis (1565-1626) Portuguese missionary
Páez, Peter (1564-1622) Spanish explorer
Page, Bl. Francis (?-1602) Belgian martyr
Parrenin, Dominic (1665-1741) French missionary
Pázmány, Peter (1570-1637) Hungarian educator
Persons, Robert (1546-1610) English missionary
Petau, Dennis (1583-1652) French scholar

Chapter 8 (Pi-Ri)

Pickel, Ignatius (1736-1818) German scientist
Pignatelli, St. Joseph (1737-1811) Italian confessor
Pongrácz, St. Stephen (1583-1619) Transylvanian martyr
Porée, Charles (1675-1741) French poet
Possevino, Antonio (1533-1611) Italian diplomat
Pozzo, Andrea (1640-1709) Italian artist
Rapin, René (1621-1687) French Latin poet
Realino, St. Bernadine (1530-1616) Italian educator
Regis, St. John Francis (1597-1640) French preacher
Retz, Francis (1673-1750) Yugoslav Sup. General
Rhodes, Alexandre de (1591-1660) French explorer
Ribadeneyra, Peter (1527-1611) Spanish visitor
Ricci, Laurence (1703-1775) Italian Sup. General
Ricci, Matthew (1552-1610) Italian missionary

Chapter 9 (Ro-St)

Rodríguez, St. Alphonsus (1530-1617) Italian Coadjutor
Rodriguez, St. Alphonsus (1598-1628) Spanish martyr
Rodriguez Cristóbal (1521-1581) Spanish missionary
Rosenthal, John (1612-1665) German preacher
Rue, Charles de la (1643-1725) French Latin poet
Salmerón, Alphonsus (1514-1585) Spanish First Seven
Salvatierra, John (1648-1717) Italian scholar
Sanadon, Noel (1676-1733) French Latin poet
Sanchez, Thomas (1550-1610) Spanish theologian
Sarbiewski, Matthew (1593-1640) Polish poet
Saultemouche, Bl. William (1555-1752) French Coadjutor
Schall von Bell, John (1591-1669) German missionary
Scheiner, Christopher (1575-1650) German astronomer
Schott, Andrew (1552-1629) Belgian educator
Seghers, Daniel (1590-1661) Belgian artist
Segneri, Paul (1624-1694) Italian preacher
Skarga, Peter (1536-1612) Polish theologian
Southwell, St. Robert (1561-1595) English martyr
Spe von Langenfeld, Fred. (1595-1635) German scholar
Spinola, Bl Charles (1564-1622) Italian martyr
Stepling, Joseph (1716-1778) Czechoslovakian astro.

Chapter 10 (Su-Z)

Suárez, Francis (1548-1617) Spanish theologian
Suffren, John (1565-1641) French counselor
Tamburini, Michael (1648-1730) Italian Sup. General
Torres, Bl. Balthazar (1563-1626) Spanish martyr
Turner, Anthony (1628-1679) English martyr
Valignano, Alessandro (1538-1606) Italian missionary
Vasquez, Gabriel (1551-1604) Spanish theologian
Vecchi, S. G. Horace (1577-1612) French martyr
Verbiest, Ferdinand (1623-1688) Belgian missionary
Verjus, Anthony (1632-1706) French administrator
Vieira, Anthony (1608-1697) Portuguese missionary
Vincent, Gregory Saint (1584-1667) Belgian geometer
Walcher, Joseph (1719-1803) Austrian physicist
Warszewicki, Stanislaus (1530-1591) Polish diplomat
Whitbread, Thomas (1618-1679) English martyr
Wishaven, Cornelius (1509-1559) Belgian educator
Xavier, St. Francis (1506-1552) Spanish First Seven
Young, John (1589-1664) Irish martyr
Zucchi, Nicolas (1586-1670) Italian astronomer

The first installment of this collection of portraits concerns

Jesuit Portraits Chapter 1 (A-Be)

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