Library Committee Minutes

Oct. 21, 2011


In Attendance: Anna-Maria Aksan, Hyun Uk Kim, Anna Lawrence, Martin Nguyen Joan Overfield, Shawn Rafalski, and Eileen O’Shea, (scribe)


Committee Chair Shawn Rafalski called the meeting to order at 9:08 AM.


1.   Approval of Minutes: Shawn moved to approve the September 22, 2011 minutes with the revisions. Eileen O’Shea seconded the motion and the minutes were unanimously approved.

2.   Announcements for Joan Overfield:

§  A university committee was formed to review last spring’s University Student Research Day (i.e. Committee of Student Research Celebrations)

§  Dates for Research events planned for SP12

o   4/26 will be the poster event for Science Sigma Xi

o   4/24 will be the poster event for the College of Arts & Sciences

o   May will be the poster event for Service Learning Courses

o   5/3 will be the date for the Library Research Award: Applications are due: 4/20/11. Committee selects candidates: 4/27.

Š       Next Meeting Date: Shawn will coordinate next meeting time. Please send all teaching times to Shawn, include office hours.



Respectfully Submitted,

Eileen O’Shea