Annual Report
Salary Committee
Submitted to Academic Council, May 1, 2007

Chairperson:    Mark S. LeClair, Professor of Economics
Committee Membership:     Eric Mielents, Sociology
                                            Susan Rakowitz, Psychology
                                            Carl Scheraga, Dolan School of Business
                                            Meredith Wallace, School of Nursing
Attendance:    The Faculty Salary Committee met approximately 16 times.  Most Committee members were present for most meetings.

Dates of Meetings:  

Four meeting dates in the Fall, September 22nd, October 13th, 20th, and November 10th.  Then Fridays, from mid-January through the last Friday in March.  These include “full” FSC meetings (Administration included), as well as meetings of just the faculty representatives.

Principle Topics:   

The principle business of the FSC was to establish a salary increment for 2007-08 in negotiations with the administrative team.  The agreed upon 2.5/3.5% was then incorporated into next year’s MOU.  

    The FSC attempted to secure some degree of compensation within the MOU for past differences between CPI and Sustained Merit.  The administration team was opposed to this.  Although the FSC brought the final salary split to the faculty (April 13, 2007 meeting), the committee was split 3:1:1 in favor of allowing the faculty to review the MOU without endorsement from the FSC, due to the unresolved issue of recovering past shortfalls in Sustained Merit.

    The FSC also engaged the administration in discussions on the possibility of a housing subsidy plan for faculty.  Three possible avenues were discussed:  The University providing preferential lending rates, the University providing an equity pool for faculty purchasing houses (forgivable over a long time period), and the co-investment in housing by the faculty and University   These discussions did not reach fruition, as it became clear that housing subsidies would become part of total compensation reported to AAUP, and would impact overall faculty salaries.

Decisions Taken:

    Primarily the 2007-08 MOU.

Unfinished Business:

    FSC is ultimately going to be involved in the revisions of the health care plan at Fairfield University – whether changes that affect the faculty are ultimately agreed upon or not - since these changes impact ranges and compensation.

    Reopening the discussion of a housing subsidy plan, given the potential for increased difficulties in hiring new faculty, and the potential for faculty departures based upon the cost of living in Fairfield County.

Future Agenda Items:

 Determining a forecast for the 95th percentile based on past data, to prevent shortfalls, such as the one that occurred in Full Professor salaries this year.

Possible rewrite of the FSC survey of faculty to elicit better guidance to
the Committee.

Addressing inconsistencies in the Merit Plan that lead to inequities when faculty members are promoted in rank.